No.05 fallout

Date: June 2021

Medium: site-specifc installation, video, painting, performance art
Location: an unoccupied commercial building in Shanghai

The fifth exhibition, collaborated with artist Ma Tianning, the three artists held a group exhibition in an unoccupied roughcast commercial space in Shanghai. All three artists use “dust” as a medium or theme to create artworks, exploring capitalist “ruins” from different perspectives. Fan Bo, through the relationship between mushrooms and ruins, reflects the interaction between built and natural environments, as well as the increasing ambiguous intermediate spaces within urban area; Jin uses the dust from the site to cast bricks, discussing tenseless ruins in the city; Ma Tianning examines the theme from the Chinese characters “ash”, “mountain” and “people” and the relationship between image and text (Oracle bone script).

︎exhibition view

issue No.5
Fallout publication

includes a Fallout exhibition catalogue, Dust Project, Mushroom Picnic in the Woods, Ash Mountain People

design: JIN Qiaoer

year: 2021
50 copies

Fallout exhibition catalogue
saddle stitch binding | 28 p. | 16 x 22 cm 

authors: FAN Bo, MA Tianning, JIN Qiaoer

Dust Project

saddle stitch binding | 44 p.|10.5 x 14.8 cm 

author: JIN Qiaoer

Mushroom Picnic in the Woods
perfect binding | 32 p. | 14 x 14 cm 

author: FAN Bo

Ash, Mountain, People
saddle stitch binding | 20 p. | 17 x 8.5 cm

author: MA Tianning

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